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Q1. How to earn cashback through cashurdeal?
Ans. Please follow the 5 simple steps mentioned in the image on the left hand side.
Q2. How cashurdeal pay cashback to its customers?
Ans. When a customer visits retailers shop through us and do successfull transaction/activity, then retailers pay us referral fees. We share the referral fees with customers.
Q3. What is the guarantee of earning cashback?
Ans. We recommend you to follow the points mentioned below:
1. Clear your browser cookies.
2. You should login into our website before visiting the merchants.
3. Always use the link provided by the cashurdeal.com to enter into the merchants/retailers website.
4. Do not visit any other price comparison, coupon or deal site in between clicking-out from cashurdeal.com & ordering on retailer’s site.
5. If you take replacement of the product ordered, then you will not be eligible to earn cashback from us.


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